Transformers Megan Fox Look!!

Friday, June 26, 2009

My eyes have been edited in this look, just to give you a better idea, of how it looks on blue eyes.

So I went and watched Transformers, and I was inspired to do a Megan Fox look. Now.. by all means, I am well aware that I do not look like Megan Fox, however I love how simple the look is, and it looks amazing on blue eyes.

Products used:

MAC Eyeshadows:

Anastasia Brow Eye Lights Matte

MAC Lips

Fierce & Fabulous Style Warriors collection Lipglass
Plum Lipliner
MAC Viva Glam III


MAC Naked Honey Collection

Friday, June 12, 2009

Hey Ladies!!

So.. I was kinda excited about this collection, because not only where they coming out with eye shadows, and lip glasses (which we are all used to) but they were also coming out with a body wash, a couple of perfumes, as well as lotion, and salve. However!!!! I am sad to say that I was really disappointed in the body care items. First.. I was mostly excited about the salve. I love these types of products. You know you can stick this in your purse and use it EVERYWHERE!! I mean you can use it on your lips, elbows, knees, face, anywhere you have dry or chapped skin. But.. I cannot stand putting something on my hands that is greasy or sticky!!! I tried it on my hands, and was kinda grossed out.. It was sooo sticky. I put my hands together, and they were just sticking to each other.. to tell you the truth, I just wanted to wash it off.. Now I know this is a MAC review, but I do carry with me at all times, another type of salve product. And that is C.O. Bigelow's Rose Salve. That stuff is AMAZING! I apply it everywhere. I carry it in my purse at all times, and I can apply it to my hands, and it is not overly greasy, or sticky. You can find it at any Bath & Body Works..

Quick Note: They also DO NOT TEST ON ANIMALS!!! YAY!

Anyway, back to my MAC review. I also did not like their fragances. To me, hey are way to musky, and strong, and just overloaded. It made me think of a rich old lady, who wears too much perfume.. lol =) So skipped on that! But I did pick up a couple of things, and I have to say my favorites where She's A Star LipGlass, and the HighLighting Powders. Anyway, here are my swatches, and let me know, what you bought, and what you didn't get and why!!



Smokey Bronze Look

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Hey Ladies,

It's about that time again! So for this look I did a smokey bronze look... Which I LOOOOVEEE! I just think it is so sexy & In this look I will be using mostly Carbon, with a little bit of Honey Lust and Bold & Brazen. Check out my channel, and subscribe! Love Ya!



Fabulous Red Lip!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Hey Ladies,

So I know I had posted a while back on a red lip look, so I finally made a tutorial on a red lip with dramatic eye liner. I feel so powerful when I am wearing red lipstick. It is such an amazing color. For a while I thought I could never pull off a red lip without thinking I looked like a tramp.. =) But.... picking the right shades of red for your skin tone, and with the right eyeshadow, you can pull it off. The key is to make sure that the red lip is the heaviest shade on your face, you do not want to have to much eye makeup on.. or..... you look like a tramp. So with the right shades of eye shadow, and the right red tone.. Ta Daaa!!! Take a look.. And subscribe!


p.s. sorry blogger wasn't uploading my you tube video...blahh..
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