Fabulous Red Lip!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Hey Ladies,

So I know I had posted a while back on a red lip look, so I finally made a tutorial on a red lip with dramatic eye liner. I feel so powerful when I am wearing red lipstick. It is such an amazing color. For a while I thought I could never pull off a red lip without thinking I looked like a tramp.. =) But.... picking the right shades of red for your skin tone, and with the right eyeshadow, you can pull it off. The key is to make sure that the red lip is the heaviest shade on your face, you do not want to have to much eye makeup on.. or..... you look like a tramp. So with the right shades of eye shadow, and the right red tone.. Ta Daaa!!! Take a look.. And subscribe!



p.s. sorry blogger wasn't uploading my you tube video...blahh..


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You're gorgeous!
A bold lip looks great on you.

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