Transformers Megan Fox Look!!

Friday, June 26, 2009

My eyes have been edited in this look, just to give you a better idea, of how it looks on blue eyes.

So I went and watched Transformers, and I was inspired to do a Megan Fox look. Now.. by all means, I am well aware that I do not look like Megan Fox, however I love how simple the look is, and it looks amazing on blue eyes.

Products used:

MAC Eyeshadows:

Anastasia Brow Eye Lights Matte

MAC Lips

Fierce & Fabulous Style Warriors collection Lipglass
Plum Lipliner
MAC Viva Glam III



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wow i love it! really does look like megan fox makeup! ur eyes are absolutely beautiful. are those contacts? or your real eye color?

That's a really pretty look.
Your eyebrows are great, so well shaped!
wish mine were that neat x

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